This week, we are continuing our series on 7 Ideas to Encourage Children to Be Thankful. Check back with us every week through December to see a new suggestion.

Day 2: Increasing Responsibility

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Giving your child responsibilities can help them be more aware and appreciative of the effort and support they receive from caregivers, teachers, and others in their lives.

Here are a few tips to help your child become more responsible:

Best Host
Next time your child asks to have a friend over, get them involved in the planning process. Maybe their bedroom or playroom needs to be cleaned, or they need to go grocery shopping for snacks, or they need to plan a craft for the play date. Encourage your child to invite their friend over themselves, and give the friend’s mom or dad a heads up the invite is coming.

New Duties
If children are old enough, think about assigning them something to be responsible for in the house. Maybe they’re in charge of something as small as a plant, or as important as a pet. This means they’re responsible for daily watering or feeding and walking.

Treats and Chores
Next time your child wants a treat, whether it’s a trip to the movie theater or a new toy, offer to let them earn the toy by doing chores around the house. Maybe this means helping wash dishes, folding laundry, or being responsible for collecting the recycling.

Increasing children’s responsibilities slowly and steadily over time as they’re ready gives them the opportunity to work on executive functioning skills.

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