How is it that the New Year is almost here? If it snuck up on you too, you may be looking for New Year’s Eve activities do to with the kids. The New Year is not just a time for adults to celebrate! There are plenty of family-friendly activities that kids can participate in. Since this might be the last hoorah before heading back to school after a fun winter break, make it meaningful! Try these ideas to get your kiddos talking about the New Year!
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Hand and finger strength are important for most activities in daily life like writing, holding objects, using devices, eating with utensils and any other motor task that requires using your hands. Even simple play with putty can help develop fine motor skills. You can find putty at the store or make your own with the kids using our DIY putty recipe. Continue reading Using Putty to Exercise Hands and Fingers

indian_kids_grandpa_reading_book_togetherGrandma and Grandpa, Memaw and Pawpaw, Nana and Poppy… No matter what the nickname is in your family, many grandparents play an important role in their grandchildren’s lives. Although we feel you should always celebrate grandparents, Grandparents’ Day is officially recognized the Sunday after Labor Day in the U.S.  Try these ideas to make Grandparent’s Day extra special this year! Continue reading Ideas to Make Grandparents Day Extra Special

Have you heard of the 3 B’s? Bath, book, and bed. It’s a simple routine that’s great to use each night. Kids thrive off consistency and having routines is important. A bedtime routine is especially helpful because it gives your child cues that it is almost time for them to go to bed. But what other activities can you do? What about the time you spend with your child before bath time? Evenings are great opportunities to spend quality time as a family, especially if your little ones are in school during the day. You will want to pick activities that will help your child wind down in the evenings before starting the bed time routine, so we came up with a few ideas to get you started. Continue reading Activities to Help Your Child Wind Down

Home family laundryChores. Kids don’t like them, and parents use them to get some extra help around the house. But don’t worry parents; you’re actually helping with your child’s development.

Kids can start taking on household chores and small tasks as early as two years old. There are so many chores a child can do to help them reach their next milestone. Depending on their age, these tasks range from cleaning up toys to putting on pajamas.

Keep in mind, your child won’t know how to do all of these chores right away, so a little guidance is necessary. Having your child complete these tasks in their early years will help with their overall development in the long run. Continue reading What Chores Are Right For My Child?

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