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New Year New Blog!

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Welcome to the Blog!

As you may already know, seeks to empower parents and health professionals with FREE tools and resources on children’s sensory, motor, and communication development. We have been helping children and families for 30 years, and are passionate about providing relevant, important information that can change a child’s life.

On our website you can find videos, brochures, and handouts that describe developmental milestones for your child. There is also a baby games calendar that allows parents to enter their baby’s birthday to view over 300 age-appropriate games. As of today, has released educational videos with over 2.8 million views, and our printable materials have been accessed by countless numbers of families.

The new blog is an extension of our efforts to make information easily accessible and widely shared. We will use this space to expand educational resources to parents, and provide a wealth of information on many topics ranging from important developmental milestones to fun activities for your child.

Our blog does not apply to a specific age group or topic. It is simply a new way for us to provide you with research, tips and fun ideas related to children.

Join us every week for a new post or video!

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