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Developmental Coordination Disorder and Sensory Processing Issues in Children

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a common diagnosis for children with motor skill and sensory processing difficulties in the absence of other conditions and learning issues. This disorder affects 5-6 percent of school-aged children and is more commonly diagnosed in boys.1 Children with DCD have trouble with both fine and gross motor movements. Very often, … Continued

Research: Sensory Processing and Cerebral Palsy

Bumin G, Kayihan H.. Effectiveness of two different sensory integration programs for children with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. Disability and Rehabilitation. 2001; 23(9): 394-399. An investigation of approaches to sensory perceptual motor (SPM) training for children with spastic diplegic CP (abnormal leg and possible arm stiffness), this study determines it is effective for group and individual treatment. … Continued

Research: Sensory Integration/Processing Effect on Learning

Ayres AJ. Effect of sensory integrative therapy on the coordination of children with choreoathetoid movements. American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 1977; 31(5): 291–293. This study affirms that children with learning issues, SI deficits and choreoathetosis (involuntary movements) who received SI therapy developed better eye to hand coordination. Ayres AJ. Improving academic scores through sensory integration. Journal of Learning … Continued

Sensory-Friendly Summer Activities Your Child Will Love

Summer as a child should be a time of fun and freedom. But for those who experience sensory processing issues, the increased social activities and outdoor time can be challenging. That’s because certain environmental factors can be uncomfortable, irritating or confusing. These include loud sounds, social situations, and strong scents. If your child deals with … Continued

Sensory Toolkit

Our Sensory Toolkit includes materials that help with earlier identification and earlier therapy for children’s sensory issues, which can help children reach their fullest potential. Ability Checklist (1 month to 6+ years): See our checklist of sensory behaviors for children 1 month in age all the way to 6+ years old. While your child may not check each … Continued

Sensory Brochure

Sensory integration happens when the brain uses information obtained from the seven senses (yes, seven!) to “make sense” of the world, by organizing how information is received and responding to it. It’s a crucial exercise that helps to further a child’s development, and now parents and educators can use’s Sensory Integration/Processing Brochure to better … Continued

New Frontiers: Sensory Integration informs you about Sensory Integration and the importance of early detection and early intervention. Watch one child’s journey through sensory integration therapy and visually see the struggles a child with sensory issues may be facing. As the brain develops, connections need to be made between brain areas. Evidence shows therapy helps to make these … Continued

Sensory Issues in Children: Developing Your Child’s Senses

Watch for information on the sensory issues in children, the importance of the 7 senses, activities that support sensory integration development, and answers to questions about sensory processing in children. Webinar hosts: Susanne Smith Roley OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Occupational Therapy USC Mrs. T.H. Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational … Continued

Importance of Sensory Integration

Learn about the importance of sensory integration. Watch this quick explanation of sensory integration and how it might apply to your child. Understanding the Senses: Do You Know There Are More Than 5? Watch this video for an understanding of sensory integration and how it helps with everyday life. Learn about the 7 senses, how … Continued

Simple Sensory Activities for Baby

Are you looking for fun activities to add to baby’s daily routine? Maybe even some that might excite baby’s senses? Many simple activities can go a long way towards developing baby’s 7 senses. Try these activities to work on baby’s sensory development before their first birthday. To Help Develop Baby’s Sense of Touch: During bath … Continued

Research: Parent Perspective on Sensory Integration

Ahn RR, Miller LJ, Milberger S, et al. Prevalence of parents’ perceptions of sensory processing disorders among kindergarten children. American Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2004; 58(3): 287–293. This article shares results of a parent survey indicating that approximately 5.3% of incoming kindergartners in one suburb’s schools met criteria for sensory processing issues based on parental perceptions – … Continued

Research: Effectiveness of Sensory Integration Theory

Addison LR, Piazza CC, Patel MR, Bachmeyer MH, Rivas KM, Milnes SM, Oddo J. A comparison of sensory integrative and behavioral therapies as treatment for pediatric feeding disorders. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. 2012; 45(3): 455-71. This study about children with feeding issues concludes that behavioral and SI therapy used together can build the variety and amount … Continued

130+ Fun Activities for Kids to do at Home

While your family may be spending a lot more time at home these days, your child can still stay energized and on track with their development through engaging activities. Here are more than 130 fun games and activities to keep your little one busy! While some of these activities may be seasonal (such as Valentine’s … Continued

Conferences Medical Roundtable and expert staff present at workshops and conferences across the United States in the pediatric therapy and maternal and child health fields. Explore this section for a look at our published abstracts, research posters, and exhibits. Parents’ Knowledge and Perception about Child Development: Evidence from a Practice-Based Survey Summary: This poster is … Continued

What to Know About Toe Walking

Toe walking can be a commonly observed movement pattern that many young children display during their development, however many children will give up idiopathic toe walking (ITW) without specific intervention. Research within the scientific community suggests that ITW is sometimes a causal symptom related to other conditions. Toe walking may be a symptom of a … Continued

Does Your Child Chew on Everything? 3 Common Questions Parents Ask

Why do kids chew? For babies, chewing is a typical sign they’re teething and young children (until around age 2) use their mouths to explore the world. But even some older kids develop a habit of chewing. This isn’t chewing a favorite food or little snack, but rather inedible objects (clothing, pens, toys) that comfort … Continued

What is Proprioception? Understanding the “Body Awareness” Sense

At every age, senses help with more than just seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and hearing. Senses play an important role in everything from staying balanced, to riding a bike, to knowing when we’re hungry and thirsty. Here we’ll dive into a sense called proprioception, also known as the body awareness sense. Learn more about all … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the 7 Senses

Most people are familiar with the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, we also have two additional senses. Watch this video to learn about vestibular and proprioception, senses, and visit our Sensory page to learn more. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below! This video is … Continued