While your family may be spending a lot more time at home these days, your child can still stay energized and on track with their development through engaging activities.


Here are more than 80 fun games and activities to keep your little one busy!

While some of these activities may be seasonal (such as Valentine’s Day crafts), feel free to put your own creative twist on them so your family can do these at any time of the year!

There’s so much to do right at home! Check out these fun indoor activities, and let your children put their own creative spin on them.

Staying at home can cause interruptions to our energy levels. Help your children regulate their energy and get ready to end the day with these wind down activities.

Cleaning can be fun—we promise! Try these spring cleaning activities—they will help your child’s motor skills and to straighten up the house.

Take their bedtime story to the next level! Help them be creative and practice strong communication skills during story time.

See what your little chef can help you cook up! We have kitchen activities for children of all ages.

There’s more to life at home than screens—here are some fun ways your child can unplug.

Staying physically active helps your child’s motor skills—and so much more! Help them move with these tips.

Take the kids for a spin around the neighborhood, and try out some of these fun car games! They’ll help your children exercise communication and sensory skills, while also practicing healthy competition.

It’s more than just bath time—time in the tub can be a full-on sensory experience. Try these fun activities during their next bath.

If you have more than one child under your roof, this could be a great time to explore the incredible bond between siblings. Try some of these activities to get them playing together.

Getting outside can be a great way to reset, while working their core motor skills.

Spring has sprung! It’s a great time to celebrate nature, so here are some fun ways to get out there.

Take advantage of the warming weather to get outside and learn!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Help your kids make this tasty treat.

You read that right—playing with your food can be a great learning experience. Have your little one try it for themselves!

This personalized cardholder can be used for more than just Valentine’s Day!

These great activities will help the whole family come together.

Share the love any time of the year! From baking cookies to making playdough, these activities are timeless.

Crafts, especially those that require finger and wrist movements, can be a great tool for fine motor development.

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a cozy craft. From knitting to making your own birdfeeder, explore these fun options.

Snow globes can be fun to make any time of the year! Try this activity to help with fine motor development.

St. Patrick’s Day may be behind us, but these sensory activities can provide creative inspiration throughout the year. Think about activities for every sense during the upcoming summer holidays!

From cereal rainbows to noodle necklaces, explore these fun crafts for some creative inspiration.

Is your child feeling anxious or having trouble focusing? Mindfulness can be a great tool to keep them on track.

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