All milestones are supported by American Academy of Pediatrics findings

Easy Daily Activities to Help Baby Reach Milestones

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Did you know the average toddler takes 14,000 steps per day? That adds up to more than 2.5 miles your little one is walking!

These numbers might seem surprising, but walking is just one of the developmental milestones we see in children. We see toddlers taking awkward steps, stumbling, falling, and getting up all the time. Even their name, toddler, refers to the stage when a child practices walking.

Now think about all the other skills a child needs to practice as they develop. This could include developing hand and finger strength to write, having the ability to speak and form sentences, being able to describe objects or ask questions, climb and use stairs, listening to sounds, adapting to new tastes and sensations, and much more.

Just like walking, children need to practice these skills each and every day.

Here are just a few ideas for fun daily activities for baby under 2 years old that will also help their development:


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