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Homemade Craft for Kids: Valentine’s Day Card Holder

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Keep little hands busy and practice motor skills with this fun Valentine’s card holder! This is a great way for your child to recycle a paper bag and get in the Valentine’s spirit. This craft is also a fun way to practice fine motor and organizing skills. Your child can collect all their Valentine’s Day goodies in the colorful decorated bag.

Age group: 4-5 years ofinished bagld with assistance

Supplies: construction paper, or white paper and crayons, scissors, paper bag, tape or glue stick

Explain the directions to your child first so they can see the whole process and understand why the steps are organized in the order they are.  If possible, prepare a finished bag to show them as an example. Remember to ask questions while doing the craft to keep your child engaged in this activity. Talk with your child about the shapes of the paper and the bag, and why weaving the paper means that it won’t fall out of the slits. Craft time can be a great opportunity to work on your child’s executive functioning, communication and planning skills.


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