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Our goal is to ensure every child is screened for motor, sensory, and communication delays by 4 months, and get intervention when needed.

Why are the first 3 months of baby’s life so important? Helping baby’s development at this young age takes full advantage of neuroplasticity. That’s why early detection matters.

We provide FREE, validated resources that parents can trust to keep their baby on track or catch a delay early, which can change the trajectory of baby’s life. 

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“The work you do at makes an amazing impact on a day-to-day basis with families and clinicians who use this as a tool to make specific recommendations and for family training and empowerment. We add [ materials] to every evaluation we complete in early intervention. As you know, access is limited, and the quality of services is highly variable in Early Intervention…this tool makes a difference! So…Thank YOU!” -Alison Liddle, MPP, PT

“Being a first time mom, it’s a little scary because you don’t know what to expect and there are so many unknowns. But after discovering, I feel a sense of relief, confidence, assurance that I have tools and information to make sure that my baby is on the right track. I’m just excited to start this chapter of my life. Thank you to!”


“I am a Neonatal Physical Therapist working in a NICU and I give your website information to all of the families I work with at discharge. I love the information you have regarding tummy time, as well as your video about typical development and developmental play ideas. Thanks for offering such a valuable resource!”


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Did you know? For every $25 you give, you can receive a Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide and also provide childhood development resources to families in need.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to ship Baby’s First Year Milestone Guides outside the United States.


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