Summer is here! When the temperature rises and the sun comes out, many of us want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. How to keep baby cool in summer so they can enjoy the hot weather? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

If it’s baby’s first summer, make sure baby is ready for fun in the sun with this summer checklist!

Keep baby cool.


Baby’s little body can’t regulate their body temperature as well as older children and adults. Here is how to keep baby cool in summer time:

  • Be sure to keep them cool by dressing them in light clothing.
  • Consider a rash guard or swim shirt to keep them cool!

Keep baby hydrated.

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re in hot weather, but that can be hard when you’re too young to drink water!

  • Give baby extra formula or nurse more frequently if they are 6 months or younger.
  • At 6-12 months, they can drink 4-8 oz. of water per day.
  • Check their hydration by making sure they are producing their typical amount of wet diapers. This is typically 6-10 diapers per day, but is different for every baby.

Protect baby from the sun.

The sun keeps us warm, and its rays can be quite powerful—especially for baby!

  • Try to spend time outside before 10 am or after 4 pm, when the sun is no longer at its peak.
  • Keep baby in the shade as much as possible, especially if they are 6 months or younger, because their delicate skin is more sensitive.
  • Get a sun hat for baby.
  • Use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Apply 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every 2 hours or after going in water. Check out the AAP sunscreen recommendations. No matter baby’s skin tone, it’s important to always use sunscreen.
  • Have baby wear sunglasses.

Stay safe by water.

Help baby stay cool in summer by taking them to the pool for a swim

Water is a great way to cool off, but baby needs to be kept away from open water without adult supervision.

  • Even if water is extremely shallow, always stay by baby’s side. Even 1-2 inch deep water can be a danger for baby, so as long as you stay with them, they’ll be safe.
  • If using an inflatable or portable pool, empty after every use and turn upside down when not in use.
  • If you have a pool, surround the pool with a fence or cover when not in use.
  • Around 6 months, baby can be introduced to swimming pools, so consider baby swim classes. They will not only help baby, but parents learn important safety tips and tools, like baby CPR.
  • If baby is going in the pool, use waterproof diapers and flotation devices.

Protect baby from bug bites.

Everybody loves the summer—especially mosquitos and other insects. Help protect baby from bug bites.

  • If baby is younger than 2 months, use a mosquito net over baby’s stroller or carrier instead of bug repellant.
  • If baby is 2 months or older, use bug repellent that comes in form of a stick, lotion, or unpressurized spray. Pressurized spray can cause baby to breathe in the repellant or get it in their eyes.
  • Bug repellant only needs to go in places where skin is exposed. It does not need to be applied under clothing.
  • Do not apply the repellant to their hands, in case they put their hands in their mouth.
  • Wash baby’s skin with soap and water after returning indoors to remove the repellant; wash their clothing as well.

Happy Summer!


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