Bulletin Items for Inclusion Awareness Day

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An Inclusion Awareness Day event is one way to focus on welcoming worshippers of all abilities. Please consider hosting an Inclusion Awareness Sunday celebration on the second weekend in October or another week in the year.

Celebrating the unique gifts of all members helps create a stronger and more inclusive faith community.

The following series of items can be used in bulletins, on websites or in newsletters to help spread awareness about how to help to create a more inclusive environment.

Click on the bulletin item to enlarge, then right-click and select Save image as… to save the file to your computer.

Bulletin Item 1

Inclusion Awareness Day
Inclusion Awareness Day


Bulletin Item 2

Welcoming Worshippers
of All Abilities


Bulletin Item 3

Prayer for Awareness
Prayer for Awareness

final_prayer Bulletin

Bulletin Item 4

People First Language
People First Language


Bulletin Item 5

Welcoming Worshippers
with Hearing Challenges


Bulletin Item 6

Welcoming Worshippers
with Visual Challenges

final_visual differences_bulletin

Bulletin Item 7

Welcoming Worshippers
with Intellectual Differences


Bulletin Item 8

Welcoming Worshippers
with Mobility Challenges



Bulletin Item 9

Welcoming Worshippers with
Mental Health Concerns

If you require a full size file (8×10), please request at: friends@pathways.org.

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