A toddler’s food preferences can be very unpredictable and many go through a picky eating phase.

What can I do about picky eating? 

  • Limit snacks and try serving meals at a consistent time each day. Picky eating can occur if a child fills up on snacks and is not hungry by mealtime.
  • Serve new foods alongside familiar foods your child already likes. Let them explore their food through touch, smell, or trying it in small bites.
  • Do not bribe or force your child to try a new food. Simply continue serving small portions of it along with familiar foods, and your child may eventually come around and try it.

What can I do about problem feeding? 

If you suspect that your child has feeding difficulties beyond picky eating, keep a food journal to track their eating behavior, and bring your observations to your child’s healthcare provider. You may be referred to an occupational therapist or a speech therapist that can help your child discover new and healthy foods and improve their overall nutrition.