Ability Checklist

Are you wondering what your child should be able to do at a certain age? Perhaps you’re wondering when baby will explore objects or develop hand eye coordination. Download the ability checklist to track these abilities and find out!

It is important to look at your child’s overall tendencies and clusters of behavior. One or two concerns should not cause alarm. However, if a child is not frequently and consistently demonstrating more than a few of the listed items in each age category, print the following list, check your concerns, and discuss them with your healthcare professional.

What’s Inside?

  • This checklist is sorted by age and four topics: play and social skills, coordination, daily activities, and self-expression.
  • These core topics help in several areas of your child’s development, including the development of executive function skills.
  • Track abilities up to their sixth birthday

All our milestones are supported by American Academy of Pediatrics findings. If you notice your child isn’t meeting any of their milestones, bring this checklist to your healthcare provider to discuss your observations and concerns.

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