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Sensory Brochure

Sensory integration happens when the brain uses information obtained from the seven senses (yes, seven!) to “make sense” of the world, by organizing how information is received and responding to it. It’s a crucial exercise that helps to further a child’s development, and now parents and educators can use’s Sensory Integration/Processing Brochure to better understand the importance of sensory development and integration.

What’s Inside?

  • Examples of children using their seven senses to complete everyday activities
  • Signs associated with sensory integration/processing issues, such as “appears to be disorganized most of the time”
  • Strategies used by therapists to improve a child’s sensory processing/integration

Sensory integration/processing helps people make sense of the world around them. Sensory integration is the process of using our senses to quickly take in sensory info, organize this info, and then use it for success in everyday activities.

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