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What’s Happening at 4-6 Months?

Baby’s On A Roll!

Baby will start rolling over around this age. Rolling is an important milestone—and can make Tummy Time more challenging!

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It’s time to start solids

How do you know when baby should start eating solid foods? What should you give them first? What can’t they have? Watch and learn the answers to these questions—and more!

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These Toys Help Baby’s Development

As baby learns to move and communicate, it’s a great time to help them play! These toys can help with their development.

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Parent Toolkit

Everything you need to care for your 4-6 month old

Parent Toolkit

Everything you need to care for your 4-6 month old

Frequently Asked Questions

for Parents of 4-6 Month Old Babies

  • Even though baby can’t talk yet or understand what you’re saying, it’s still important to talk back-and-forth with them.
  • This simple technique is called serve and return.
  • When baby makes a noise, respond to it.
  • This helps them learn back-and-forth communication.
  • If baby was born at or before 37 weeks, you should adjust for prematurity while tracking their milestones.
  • Continue to adjust for prematurity for the first 2 years of their life.
  • Learn how to adjust for prematurity.
  • Swaddling should end as soon as baby shows signs of rolling over.
  • This usually happens between 2-4 months.
It’s Important to Remember:

Use our checklists to track your baby’s behavior and discuss any concerns with your healthcare professional.

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