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This thesis discusses the impact of music therapy for preemies and why they need it due to the continuous over-stimulation they receive in NICU. The environment causes stress, disturbs sleep and rest periods so that preemies lack proper sleep-wake rhythm.

Haslbeck F. Research strategies to achieve a deeper understanding of active music therapy in neonatal care. Music and Medicine. 2012; 4(4): 205–214.
This article proposes a flexible methodology that achieves a deep understanding of the therapeutic process of active music therapy in premature infants and their parents.

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Infants in the music therapy treatment group in this study experienced more quiet sleep states and less crying. Music during kangaroo care also resulted in significantly lower maternal anxiety in the treatment group. Authors conclude there is evidence for the use of music during kangaroo care as an empirically-based intervention.

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This article presents evidence supporting use of music with preterm infants. Recommendations for music interventions with preterm infants are also discussed.

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This meta-analysis showed that music has statistically significant and clinically important benefits for premature infants in the NICU.

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This article addresses general principles of designing a quiet NICU including basic aspects of room acoustics. Includes the effects of various nursery designs on infants, parents, clinicians.

Stewart, K. PATTERNS—A model for evaluating trauma in NICU music therapy: Part 1—Theory and design. Music and Medicine. 2009; 1: 29–40.
This article discusses PATTERNS (Preventive Approach to Traumatic Experience by Resourcing the Nervous System), a preventive music therapy treatment model based on latent human resiliency and trauma renegotiation principles.