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How Can I Practice Baby Sign Language?

What is baby sign language? Baby sign language is the use of hand and body gestures to help babies communicate before they learn to speak. Watch to see common signs you might want to try with your baby. Is baby sign language the same as American Sign Language (ASL)? Not necessarily. American Sign Language is … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Hearing and Listening Development

From birth, baby is also hearing your voice and learning to listen to certain sounds. Learn more about the hearing and listening skills they’ll develop in their first year. Read more about hearing and the other senses on our Sensory page. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below!   This … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s First Steps

Baby’s first steps are a huge milestone! Watch to learn more about how to encourage your little one to walk on their own. Read more about baby’s first steps in our blog post, From Baby’s First Steps to Walking on Their Own. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below!   … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby Sign Language

How can you communicate with your little one before they can talk? Through baby sign language! Baby sign language has become a common way to communicate and reduce frustration. By using simple signs and practicing signing often, you will be able to open up the lines of communication before they even say their first word. … Continued

Getting Preschoolers to Share…How Do You Do It?

Taking turns can be difficult at first. Do you remember that cool red fire truck you never wanted to give up? Or the doll that was too special to part with? Whatever your prized possession was, it was hard giving that toy to someone else. In preschool years, children are still learning how to share, … Continued

Parents’ Guide to 7 Tips to Make Diaper Changes Easier

If your baby isn’t a fan of diaper changes, we have 7 tips to make them fun and easy! Watch our video to see these tips in action. Read more in our blog post, My Baby Hates Diaper Changes. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below!     This video … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Tummy Time

Parents, you know Tummy Time is important. You’ve read up about the importance of Tummy Time here at Pathways.org. But do you know how to do it without baby getting upset? We can help! See why Tummy Time is so important, different Tummy Time positions to try and tips! Want to know what Tummy Time … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the Stages of Play

Young children develop their social skills through the six stages of play, all of which are important for their development. All of the stages of play involve exploring, being creative, and having fun. Watch to see how children’s play changes by age as they grow and develop social skills. To learn more about play, visit … Continued


Frequently Asked Questions We know that parents and caregivers can often have a lot of questions about their child’s development. Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Every question is clickable and will take you to a page with more detail. If you have a FAQ or concern not on this list, please … Continued

Fun Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is all about mom, and your child is excited to spend the day with you. There are lots of activities to do with your little one that will make the day together more special. Try a new craft, game, or family activity. You may find there are plenty of things to do that … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the 7 Senses

Most people are familiar with the five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, we also have two additional senses. Watch this video to learn about vestibular and proprioception, senses, and visit our Sensory page to learn more. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below! This video is … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Structured vs Unstructured Play

Through play, children can develop important life skills that help prepare them for experiences later in life. There are two types of play: structured and unstructured. Watch to learn more about the benefits of each type of play, and how much playtime your toddler should be getting in each day. Want to learn even more … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Starting Solid Foods

Wondering if your baby is ready to start on solid foods? Watch to learn a few key factors that indicate your baby is ready for solids. Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the button below!   This video is a part of our Parents’ Guide series. View the entire series for quick … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Positions that Help Baby’s Development

Baby needs to experience different positions during the day to be able to play and explore. Watch and learn about all the positions you can put baby in during the day! These positions help with development and get baby out of their carrier. Learn more about how and when to use infant carriers. Want to … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Playtime

Play is more than just fun—it builds skills for a lifetime! Playtime can begin as soon as baby is born. What does one-month-old baby playtime look like? What are the best playtime activities? Visit our play page for more play tips for all ages! Want to watch more videos about related topics? Click the buttons below! … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Infant Carriers

Every parent uses containers, such as carriers, car seats, bouncer seats, and strollers, on a daily basis, but did you know you can overuse them? Watch to learn more about the recommended use of infant carriers, and how you can reduce carrier time for your baby. Visit our developmental milestones page to make sure your baby is reaching … Continued

Parents’ Guide to How Feeding Helps Baby Talk

Feeding affects more than just baby’s ability to eat—it can also help their speaking abilities! It makes sense when you think about it. Feeding and swallowing helps your baby build muscles they need to start talking. Watch to learn more about how these two important areas of development are connected! Want to watch more videos … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Developing Your Child’s Life Skills

Kids are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” all the time! You can help your little one be what they want by developing their life skills, also known as executive function skills. Watch for some activities to help in our video. To learn more about executive function, visit the Executive … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Crawling

Crawling is an important 7-9 month milestone. So how can you make sure your baby reaches this milestone? Watch this video to learn more about the two types of crawling, and how you can encourage your little one to crawl. You can also learn more about crawling from these popular resources: Why You Should Encourage … Continued

Why Are Mirrors Good for Baby?

Want a toy that will keep your baby entertained and that is also good for their development? Put your wallet away, because you probably already have this in your home: mirrors! Yes, that mirror hanging on your bathroom wall can help your baby’s development! Why do babies like mirrors? Babies love faces! Babies especially love … Continued