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Choosing an Eye Doctor for Your Child

Are you wondering when you should take your child to an eye doctor for their first visit? It’s recommended your child receive their first eye check up at six months, again at three years, and before starting kindergarten. Some pediatricians perform very thorough eye screenings during normal check-ups, so you might choose not to take … Continued

Importance of Eye Contact

Baby’s vision development is very important and even affects their other senses. Throughout the first year, baby will be looking at you a ton, so be sure to look at them, give them a lot of attention, and make eye contact! Find out what you can expect in the coming months. For the First Few … Continued

是我的寶貝OK (Chinese: is my baby ok?)

Chinese version of parent friendly video showing typical and atypical development of two 6 month old babies

Recognizing Early Motor Delays at Four and Six Months of Age

***EDUCATIONAL VIDEO**** Recognizing Early Motor Delays as Early as Four and Six Months of Age Learn why Tummy Time is important for baby and how to detect signs of an early motor delay at four and six months of age. Presentation includes videos and links to accompanying handouts. All materials including videos are provided at … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Sense of Touch

Baby uses touch to explore the world around them. Just like you try to help your baby develop their sense of sight, you can also help them develop their sense of touch. You can even try baby massage, which helps with sensory development and bonding with baby through comforting contact. Want to watch more videos about related … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Communication

The communication skills that babies learn during their first year sets them up for success later in life! Start communicating with your baby from birth to help them reach important communication milestones. Watch this video to learn how! Visit our Communication page to learn more, and check out our communication checklist to keep up with … Continued

How to Massage Baby – Premature Baby in NICU with Dad

Was baby born premature? Or did baby spend time in the NICU? If yes, then it’s important to know the benefits of infant massage! Massage+ 30, 10, 5 is a simple, quick, and powerful baby massage intervention to help improve the health and development of premature and full-term infants. This is an infant massage of … Continued

New Frontiers: Sensory Integration

Pathways.org informs you about Sensory Integration and the importance of early detection and early intervention. Watch one child’s journey through sensory integration therapy and visually see the struggles a child with sensory issues may be facing. As the brain develops, connections need to be made between brain areas. Evidence shows therapy helps to make these … Continued

Five Essential Tummy Time Moves, How To Do Tummy Time

Wondering how to do Tummy Time with baby? Or how to position baby for Tummy Time? Turns out, there’s more than one way! Try these 5 Tummy Time moves with baby to help make it easier for you and baby. Tummy Time helps babies develop the muscles in their back, neck and trunk, on their way … Continued

Crying, Cooing, Communication: Baby’s First Year

Click here to view the crying, cooing, communication handout to accompany this video. This crying, cooing, communication video offers practical advice for parents and caregivers on how to help their baby’s verbal communication skills and reach important speech and language milestones during the first year. Learn about the different stages and types of verbal communication, like … Continued

Mejorar las habilidades motoras finas con terapia ocupacional: Palabras españolas

Conozcan a Sylvie – Descargar Folleto de acompañamiento Sylvie comenzó su terapia ocupacional tanto en casa como en la clínica para ayudar a desarrollar su fuerza y coordinación. Igual que los adultos asisten a terapia ocupacional para mejorar sus habilidades en el trabajo, los niños asisten a terapia ocupacional para mejorar su capacidad de crecer, … Continued

Is My Baby Ok?

Download Accompanying Handout Is my baby ok? Watch the parent friendly video showing typical and atypical development of two six month old babies. This footage shows a comparison of two children at 6 months of age demonstrating typical development and atypical development in eight different positions. All materials including videos are provided at no cost; … Continued

Improving Fine Motor Skills with Occupational Therapy: Meet Sylvie

Download the accompanying handout. This video shows how one child, Sylvie, began going to occupational therapy sessions when her teacher and parents first noticed a delay in motor skills. Because of early detection, the therapy sessions (also practiced at home) allowed Sylvie to catch up with her peers. Sylvie had significant improvement with fine motor … Continued

How to Use Simple Activities to Help Baby’s Development

There are simple motor, communication, and sensory activities for baby at home that can help them reach important milestones. Even simple activities for baby can promote development! Encourage fine and gross motor, sensory, and communication development with these daily activities for baby: Giving baby a quick massage after changing a diaper Laying baby down near … Continued

How Pathways.org Helps

For over 30 years Pathways.org has been a trusted resource for parents and healthcare professionals. Since 1985 we have provided free tools to maximize child development and help all children reach their full potential. Some of our parent-friendly resources include: Videos, including a Parent Guide series and milestone videos Baby Games Calendar, with weekly games … Continued

How Occupational Therapy Helps with Sensory Integration Issues

Download the accompanying handout. What is sensory integration? Sensory integration helps people “make sense” of the world around them. Sensory integration is the process of using our senses to take in and organize sensory information for success in everyday activities. What is occupational therapy? Many people think of occupational therapy as something that is only … Continued

How Moms and Dads Read Differently to Baby

When should you start reading to baby? Simple answer: It’s never too early to start. Read to your baby every day at any age to help their communication development, even if they aren’t talking yet. Why should parents read to their babies? So many reasons! Some of the benefits of reading to babies include helping … Continued

Helping Your Child Use Scissors

Sylvie’s mom was concerned about her ability to use scissors and was worried she was falling behind her peers in preschool. Watch to see how Sylvie’s ability to cut changed throughout her 10 months in occupational therapy. Before she was unable to cut along the lines, but by the time she graduated from OT, Sylvie … Continued

Help Us Help Families

Every child deserves to develop to their fullest potential. Every parent deserves to know how to maximize their child’s abilities. You can help! At Pathways.org we provide FREE developmental tools to parents, leading to better detection of delays and the earliest possible interventions. Help us, help families. And give them what they deserve: detection, intervention, … Continued

Early Intervention Pediatric Therapy: Freddy’s Story

Watch Freddy’s story of how early intervention and pediatric therapy helped the development of his motor skills.

Does My Child Have A Sensory Issue?

Sensory issues can be difficult to detect in your child. Being aware of all 7 senses can help know what to look for as you child develops especially their body position, coordination and balance. Parents in this video discuss what they noticed in their own children and the differences they have seen because of therapy. … Continued

Cómo Ayuda la Terapia Ocupacional con los Problemas de Motricidad Sensorial

Recientemente, un grupo de los principales terapeutas ocupacionales se reunió para proporcionar respuestas a preguntas comunes sobre los problemas sensoriales de los niños pequeños. La terapia ocupacional es una profesión que se preocupa por la forma en que las personas realizan las actividades, y el término ocupación significa actividad, pero es el tipo de actividades … Continued

Come la Terapia occupazionale può aiutare con le difficolta’ Senso-motorie – Italian

Capire i problemi sensoriali nei bambini piccoli:una serie video prodotta da pathways.org Come la Terapia occupazionale può aiutare con le difficolta’ Senso-motorie