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How to Play with Your Newborn

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to play with baby or what activities even count as play. Many parents and caregivers feel this way! The good news is there are lots of easy activities to do with your baby. In fact, you may have even done some already without even knowing it! Do Tummy Time … Continued

8 Tips to Help Your Child With Homework

Try these 8 ways to help your child with their homework: Minimize Distractions Make it as easy as possible for your child to focus during homework time. Don’t have the television on in the background and make sure phones, tablets, and games are put away. This will also help signal to them that homework is … Continued

Book Review: Retro Toddler

Retro Toddler: More Than 100 Old-School Activities to Boost Development   By Anne H. Zachry, PhD, OTR/L Published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Dr. Anne Zachry is an occupational therapist and a specialist in child development. In writing this book she has created an essential resource for parents of children aged 12-36 months. Topics that … Continued

Stay Cool (and Safe!) in the Pool

What could be better than spending a long summer day splashing around in the pool with the kiddos?! Not much! To make sure you’re having tons of fun in the sun, use these tips to help keep everyone safe in the pool this summer. Learn To Swim Enroll your kids in swim classes. This will … Continued

Sippy Cups: What You Should Know

Have you ever wondered… When should kids start using sippy cups? When should they stop? Should they even use sippy cups at all? There’s a lot of information and opinions floating around! Many professionals recommend using sippy cups in moderation, if at all, because of the way they can affect children’s teeth, swallowing patterns, and … Continued

What to Know About Toe Walking

Toe walking can be a commonly observed movement pattern that many young children display during their development, however many children will give up idiopathic toe walking (ITW) without specific intervention. Research within the scientific community suggests that ITW is sometimes a causal symptom related to other conditions. Toe walking may be a symptom of a … Continued

Playing With Your Food… and Senses

Who ever thought it would be good to tell your child to actually play with their food? But kids are curious, and a fun way to let them explore is by playing with food! But this isn’t just for fun. Playing with food can actually help your child develop their senses. Try these ideas to … Continued

Teething Tips For You and Your Child

You may have heard about the “Terrible Twos”, but what about Terrible Teething? Your little baby may be a little thrown off by those chompers coming in, but teething doesn’t have to be terrible. Just knowing what to expect is an important part of teething, and hey, you’re reading this so you’re on the right … Continued

How to Comfort a Crying Baby

During the first year of life, babies are communicating their needs through crying but it isn’t always the easiest to figure out what their different types of cries mean. Within the first month, you will begin to pick up cues from your baby’s cry. Most of the common reasons behind a babies cry include being … Continued

Make a Snow Globe, Make a Memory, The Perfect Winter Project to Promote Fine Motor Skills

Snow globes are great winter decorations and bonus: they’re fun to create! Making them even helps kids with their executive function skills, including reading and following directions, planning and organizing an activity, and using working memory. Have your child read and follow these directions. You only need a few materials and a short amount of … Continued

Milestone Guides Temporarily Unavailable

We’re sorry. Our Baby’s First Year Milestone Guide is temporarily unavailable. Please check back or join our email list to receive updates from Pathways.org, including when guides come back into stock. In the meantime, we’re still here to provide free, trusted resources. You can find all of our milestones here at Pathways.org. Get playing using … Continued

5 Ways to Make Going to the Dentist Fun!

We know going to the dentist is important, but even adults can be uncomfortable during their annual dental checkup. If you’re uneasy, imagine how worried your little one might feel. Luckily, caregivers can help make their little one’s first few trips to the dentist positive! Get kids excited about the dentist early, and who knows? … Continued

Shopping? Do this to help babies and children.

Support Pathways.org this season through AmazonSmile. Before you start shopping, be sure to select Pathways Foundation as your preferred charity on smile.amazon.com. Simply click the link below to connect your account. Click Here to Connect Your Account For every purchase, .05% will go to support Pathways.org and our mission to help more babies live happy … Continued

Let It Snow. Let Them Grow. ’Tis the Season to Improve Gross Motor Skills

Get outdoors and play in the snow! Use the snow for a fun, new way to practice gross motor skills. Winter months do not mean you are always stuck inside. Get moving with these gross motor activities this winter! Make A Hopscotch Path  You and your little ones may be used to drawing your hopscotch … Continued

Help Baby Brave the Cold with 3 Easy Tips

Brrrrr! Many people are starting to feel the winter weather creeping up on them. We all do our best to avoid the cold, but sometimes going outdoors in frigid temperatures is unavoidable. And going out into the cold, snow, and wind with a young child can add an extra layer of challenge. Parents and caregivers … Continued

Fun Holiday Crafts For the Whole Family

The smell of hot chocolate is in the air, lights decorate the yards, and streets and you’re bundled up to go outside. This can only mean one thing: the holiday season is here! To get in the spirit, we’ve got some fun craft ideas to help your little one get involved in the festivities of … Continued

How Scaffolding Helps Build Executive Function Skills

Do you talk to parents about executive function? Many parents are not familiar with this term. The executive function (EF) skill set acts as a coordination center in the brain and depends on three main functions: working memory, mental flexibility, and inhibition control. 1These crucial skills are needed to perform daily tasks, such as prioritizing, … Continued

All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned at the Grocery Store

The grocery store is the perfect place to help kids develop important skills like planning, time management, communication, and completing tasks. Every aspect of grocery shopping – from making a list to cooking a meal with your purchases – touches on important skills your child needs to develop. Grocery shopping teaches kids social rules, like … Continued

Pumpkin Sensory Bag

Fall is here and Halloween is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing. Pumpkins are rising! Those orange little orbs are popping up everywhere; you may have even gone to a pumpkin patch to pick out that perfectly shaped pumpkin to carve. You’ll come home, set it down on some newspaper and scoop out … Continued

Talking to Your Child About Winning and Losing

Life with all its ups and downs and everything in-between can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. Being able to deal with the ride is a skill that takes time to learn. So how do you help young children understand that it’s okay if things don’t always go as planned? Teaching them ways to accept … Continued

10-12 Meses Lista de Comprobación de Hitos Alimentación

Come solo con los dedos Come una creciente variedad de alimentos Empieza a usar una taza abierta Listo para probar verduras cocinadas hasta estar suaves, frutas, y aperitivos (plántanos cortados en cubitos, pasta cocida) Puede estar listo para comenzar a comer sin ayuda Encanta variedades de olores y sabores Todos nuestros hitos están apoyados por … Continued

10-12 Meses Lista de Comprobación de Hitos Comunicación

Usa “mama” o “dada” dándoles significado Imita sonidos del habla El balbuceo tiene sonidos y ritmos del habla Responde a “no” Responde a instrucciones simples, p.ej. “ven aqui” Presta atención a donde usted esté mirando y señalando Produce largas cadenas de balbuceo en la comunicacaión social Dice una o dos palabras Comienza a usar movimientos … Continued

10-12 Meses Lista de Comprobación de Hitos Sensorial

Disfruta escuchar canciones Explora los juguetes con las manos, dedos y boca Se aleja o acerca gateando de los objetos que ve en la distancia Todos nuestros hitos están apoyados por hallazgos de la Academia Estadounidense de Pediatría. Utilice esta lista de verificación para seguir el desarrollo de su hijo. Si observa que su hijo … Continued

10-12 Meses Lista de Comprobación de Hitos Motor

Suelta objetos en un recipiente de boca amplia Usa el dedo pulgar y el dedo índice para recoger objetos pequeños Se para solo y da varios pasos independientes Tira de sí mismo para pararse y camina apoyado en los muebles Mueve solamente en varias posiciones para explorar el entorno para encontrar los juguetes que desea … Continued

Does Your Child Chew on Everything? 3 Common Questions Parents Ask

Why do kids chew? For babies, chewing is a typical sign they’re teething and young children (until around age 2) use their mouths to explore the world. But even some older kids develop a habit of chewing. This isn’t chewing a favorite food or little snack, but rather inedible objects (clothing, pens, toys) that comfort … Continued