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4 Benefits of Exercise that Have Nothing to Do with Fitness

The physical benefits of exercise go without saying, but did you know that physical activity provides kids with social and emotional benefits too? Through exercise, kids can build social skills, increase confidence, and help reduce anxiety. The American Academy of Pediatrics even recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity (e.g. biking, hiking, dancing, rollerblading) … Continued

Real Ways Moms Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Ever wondered how moms really get their kids to eat their veggies? We asked several moms what they do to make sure veggies are a part of their kids’ diets every day. We hope you’ll try some of these real life solutions during your next meal or snack time! This mom of three gave us … Continued

5 Tips for Running Errands with Kids

Running errands is very different when kids are involved! Taking your child with to you to run errands can be a bit challenging. From taking extra time getting them ready to leave the house to managing distractions in the store, shopping with little ones can add more stress to your trip. Next time you’re running … Continued

Baby Milestone Videos

Want to See Examples of Baby’s Developmental Milestones? Watch baby milestones throughout baby’s first year. Reading milestones is one thing, but seeing the actual milestones is even more impactful so we put together clips of real babies, in real homes, completing these important milestones. Watch the clips and compare the movements to your baby to … Continued

Research: Benefit of Early Detection and Early Intervention

Bailey DB Jr, Hebbeler K, Spiker D, Scarborough A, Mallik S, Nelson L. Thirty-six-month outcomes for families of children who have disabilities and participated in early intervention. Pediatrics. 2005; 116(6): 1346-52. This study assessed family outcomes at the end of early intervention (near the child’s third birthday). Results suggest that early intervention provides important supports for families … Continued

Learning Can Be Tasty! How To Make Ice Cream

Is anything better than ice cream on a warm summer day? We don’t think so.. And good news, it’s actually pretty easy to make your own ice cream. Try this recipe out and help your kids learn too! Follow this simple recipe to make homemade ice cream in a bag! This activity is as tasty … Continued

7 Tips for a Sensory Friendly 4th of July

Spending time outside, parades, barbeques, fireworks. Doesn’t that remind you of a perfect 4th of July? Well for some kids, the 4th of July means being overly hot, crowds of people, feeling overwhelmed, and loud noises. That’s a lot for your senses to take in. Use these tips to make the day a little less … Continued

Get Moving – Tips on How to Encourage Kids to be Physically Active

Did you know that the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends that children be active for sixty minutes every day? Kids need at least that much time to let loose and unwind from school or planned activities. This physical activity also helps stimulate their senses, and build muscle strength and endurance. Get kids moving with … Continued

Get Kids Excited to Become Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Helping the youngest members of the family prepare for the arrival of a newborn is very important. After all, your child is about to become a big brother or big sister – that’s a new responsibility and a huge change for them! Even though they’ll always be your little boy or girl, they won’t be … Continued

Tortícolis y La Importancia de Mantener al Bebé Boca Abajo: Conozca a Jonathan

Mire el viaje de Jonathan a través de terapia física temprana para ayudar a mejorar su tortícolis. Se confía a Pathways.org para asegurar lo mejor para el desarrollo físico de todos los niños. One boy’s story of early physical therapy to help improve his torticollis.

8 Questions to Ask During Summer Camp Registration

Parents looking to sign their kids up for summer camp literally have hundreds of options to choose from. Remember camp isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. If you feel your child is ready for a summer camp experience, keep these questions in mind while registering! What Do You Need in a Camp? It’s important to … Continued

Baby-Proofing: 14 Tips for Your Home

Your little one is movin’ and cruisin’! So what’s next? Now the challenge is making sure your house is ready for your toddler’s new explorations. Follow our room-by-room tips to help protect baby from touching, grabbing, and exploring the everyday items they will now be fascinated by! It’s helpful for parents to experience the environment … Continued

Mindfulness to Improve Children’s Wellbeing

As more children adopt demanding schedules with increased academic work loads and an abundance of extracurricular activities, some react by showing signs of increased stress and anxiety.1 Our academic system has accelerated so children are now expected to complete school work previously given to children in higher grade levels. Early education has become less play … Continued

How to Use Books to Boost Vocabulary and Communication Skills

Caregivers can use books for much more than simply reading the written story to their children. Playing with books is a great way to increase communication with kids, spark their imagination, and get them to use their critical thinking skills. Next time you pull out a book try one of the below activities to make … Continued

Why Family Meals Matter

There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal as a family. In today’s busy world of schoolwork, soccer practice, and music lessons it can be tempting to let family meals slide. However, as few as one to two family dinners a week can: Strengthen family bonds Improve communication and interpersonal skills Encourage a healthy relationship with … Continued

Indoor Fun! 4 Fun Indoor Activities When Kids Can’t Go Outside

When the weather outside is not cooperating, keep kiddos busy with these indoor activities! Build A Fort Gather as many pillows and blankets as you can to make a fort in your basement or living room. Find objects in your house that can support the weight of blankets, such as chairs, couches, or tables to … Continued

6 Car Games: How to Turn Car Rides into Playtime

Is car time turning into screen time for your kiddos? It doesn’t have to. In fact, you can use this valuable time to teach them about the world around them. Turn even the shortest car rides into fun and educational experiences with these car games. I’m Going on a Picnic and I’m Going to Bring… … Continued

Make the Most of Playtime! The Do’s and Don’ts

Play is such an important part of childhood! Play helps kids learn new things while building social skills, developing creative thinking, and learning about their interests and talents. Because life is so busy, these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” will help your family make the most of play time!   Do Let Your Child Direct Their Play … Continued

Activities and Crafts to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids

These easy to do crafts and activities are super fun, stimulate toddlers’ senses, and promotes using fine motor skills! Happy Valentine’s Day! Take advantage of this fun holiday with activities that engage kids’ senses and fine motor skills. Give your child’s favorite games a Valentine’s Day twist or try an entirely new activity. Either way, … Continued

Make Teeth Brushing Fun with 6 Easy Tips

Whether it’s the shock of cold water hitting their teeth, the smell or taste of the toothpaste, or the idea that brushing their teeth is something they “have to” do, we may never know why children try to avoid brushing their teeth. What we do know, however, is many children Just. Don’t. Like. Brushing. Their. … Continued

New Year, Same Cute Baby! 5 Ways To Help Baby Learn and Grow This Year

The new year encourages people to look towards the future. The school year is already half over and it’s not too early for parents to start thinking about summer camps, family vacations, and preparing their child to succeed in the year ahead. At Pathways.org we have many tools to help you learn more about child … Continued

6 Tips for Your First Holiday Season with Baby

The holidays are an exciting excuse to spend time with family and loved ones. Your relatives will be especially excited to spend time with one of the newest members of the family, your baby! Here are some tips to prepare for baby’s first holiday: Ask Ahead If you’re unsure about the setup, ask ahead. This … Continued

Simple Sensory Activities for Baby

Are you looking for fun sensory activities to add to baby’s daily routine? Maybe even some that might excite baby’s senses? Try these ways to engage in sensory play! Many simple activities can go a long way towards developing baby’s 7 senses. Try these activities to work on baby’s sensory development. These are sensory activities … Continued

Activities to Celebrate the New Year With Kids

How is it that the New Year is almost here? If it snuck up on you too, you may be looking for New Year’s Eve activities do to with the kids. The New Year is not just a time for adults to celebrate! There are plenty of family-friendly activities that kids can participate in. Since … Continued

5 Tips for Better Playdates

Aren’t playdates great? No matter if you’re the child playing or the adults watching, they’re fun for all. Playdates give your children an opportunity to make new friends but also allow you to talk with other grown-ups. This is a great way for your child to not only develop relationships with other children, but also … Continued