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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids That Can Be Done At Home

Thanksgiving is known as the holiday when we gather around the table with family from near and far, express our gratitude, and eat a great meal. This year, Thanksgiving may look a little different, but it can still be a memorable and special day, particularly for your little ones. So how can you still make … Continued

Prematurity and “Corrected Age”: What Does it Mean?

Have you heard of “corrected age” or “adjusting for prematurity”? If you have a premature baby, you may see this on websites and content about infant development, including our own Pathways.org brochures and checklists. You may also notice that your premature baby is behind in meeting some of their milestones based on their actual age. … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Developing Social-Emotional Skills

Happy, sad, angry, excited—no matter the emotion, your child uses their social-emotional skills to express it. Social-emotional skills are not only important to show and control emotions, but also to understand the emotions of others and connect with them. They are the building blocks of our relationships with others. Watch to learn more about what … Continued

Celebrating the Holidays from a Distance

The holidays are typically a time when families from near and far come together to celebrate. This year may look a little different, and you may be concerned about the impact this will have on your child. After all, many treasured childhood memories are made during the holidays! But you can still have fun and … Continued

Games for Your 39 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Pat-A-Cake: Play “Pat-A-Cake” with baby. First hold their hands to show the movements, then let them do it on their own. Helps baby learn to clap their hands. Rise to Stand: Hold baby’s hands while they’re sitting on the floor and slowly raise them to standing. Let them stand this way for 8 to 10 … Continued

Teach Your Child About Giving with These Fun Activities

The holidays are a time of giving thanks, giving gifts, and giving back. When children learn about the value of giving back at a young age, it becomes an important part of their lives. So here are some engaging and family-friendly activities to introduce your child to the art of giving to others! Donate old … Continued

Games for Your 38 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Tray Time: Place pureed foods, like applesauce or yogurt, on baby’s tray and encourage play with a spoon. Helps baby develop feeding skills. Textures and Temps: Allow baby to experiment with textures and temperatures. Textured toys, like teething rings or a wet washcloth that is close to frozen are fun for baby to experience. Helps … Continued

Games for Your 37 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Story Time: Describe your actions throughout the day as you dress, feed, and bathe baby. Helps baby develop listening and communication skills. Music Time: Give a toy musical instrument to baby and show her how to use it. They will enjoy learning how to make different sounds. Try forming a family band and making music … Continued

Try These Games and Activities at the Dinner Table

We know that family meals can be a great time to strengthen bonds, improve communication skills, and learn about healthy eating habits together. Here are some dinner table games and activities that your family can do to make dinnertime even more special! Make a conversation jar. At the beginning of the week, have each family … Continued

Games for Your 36 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Phone Talk: Play with a pretend phone; talk into phone as you would a regular call, then offer it to baby to do the same. Helps baby develop listening and communication skills while learning about the objects around the house. Tray Top Reach: Place new and safe foods within reach on baby’s tray so they … Continued

Can Music Help with Baby’s Brain Development?

Can Music Help with Baby’s Brain Development? Baby’s brain is constantly developing and making new neural connections. So many things around them can have a positive impact on their development—including, as some researchers believe, music! So, why is music so impactful? We know that music engages many regions of the brain at once. It is … Continued

Games for Your 35 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Baby-Proofing: As baby gains better control of movement, be sure to baby-proof your home. Keep breakable objects out of baby’s reach and place safety locks on appliances. Helps keep baby safe while they explore and gain independence. Toy Stacking: Baby is becoming more interested in how things work. Now is a great time to introduce … Continued

Understanding How Your Baby’s Brain Develops

Just like their bodies, a child’s brain is constantly growing and developing! In fact, the first year of a child’s life is one of the busiest periods of brain development. The brain produces more than a million neural connections each second during this time as it develops rapidly. Neural connections are key to helping children … Continued

At-Home Halloween Activities to Make This Holiday Extra Fun!

Here are some ways to celebrate Halloween at home, while still helping your child’s development! Motor Activities Make a Halloween sock puppet: Using sock and art supplies such as paint, buttons, glitter and glue, make sock puppets of Halloween characters like jack-o-lanterns, Frankenstein, ghosts or witches! Crafts like this help with fine motor skills. Always … Continued

Games for Your 34 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Use a mirror to practice silly faces and sounds with baby, e.g. kissing faces. Use a variety of facial expressions while you talk. Be silly! Baby will laugh and respond by trying to imitate you. Helps baby to practice making new language sounds. Raining in the Bath: Punch holes in the … Continued

Understanding Neuroplasticity: How Your Child’s Brain Learns and Develops

You may have heard before that what your child learns as a baby creates the foundation for their future. You also may be wondering, how is that possible? If my baby or young child won’t be able to remember this time of their life, how will it “set the stage” for the years to come? … Continued

Games for Your 33 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Toy Grasp Time: When baby is holding a toy in each hand, offer a third toy. Watch as baby figures out how to grasp the new toy without letting go of the other two. Helps baby develop fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. Baby Push-Ups: Encourage baby push-ups during Tummy Time by raising and lowering … Continued

Games for Your 32 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Command Excitement: Give baby a simple command like “roll the ball”. Show baby how excited you are if they do it by smiling and clapping. Helps baby learn to follow directions. Swinging: If baby can sit up and hold up head with no problem, try pushing them gently on a swing at a park! Be … Continued

How to Burp Baby—and Why They Need to Burp

Burping baby is a common part of baby’s daily routine. But you might wonder, what causes the need for baby to burp, and why do they need assistance to burp? Burping is caused by the swallowing of air. The most efficient way for the air to be released is through the mouth, but many of … Continued

Games for Your 31 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Creeping and Crawling: Baby may be rocking back and forth on tummy towards items of interest. Encourage movement by placing toys around baby where they must move to reach them. Helps baby learn to crawl. Sitting Up to Play: Since baby can sit independently, sit on the floor and roll a ball to baby. Encourage … Continued

Parents’ Guide to How Playing Outside Helps Development

Is there anything better than spending a beautiful day outside? When you and your child play outside, they get more than just fresh air; they get to explore a brand new environment, hear new sounds, see new sights, and interact with new people! Watch to learn more about the benefits of playing outside. Looking for … Continued