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How to Keep Grandparents and Children Connected From a Distance

There’s nothing quite like a child’s bond with their grandparents. They can be playmates, mentors, and someone who your child can go to for advice and reassurance. But staying in touch with grandparents to keep those bonds strong can sometimes be difficult. Here are some great and easy ways for your family to keep these … Continued

Games for Your 30 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

It’s All in the Knees: Position baby to straddle your leg so their feet are flat on the floor and knees are bent. Gently push down on baby’s knees so they start to feel weight through their legs and feet. Helps baby practice sitting balance and get feet ready for standing. Wet Washcloth: Put a … Continued

Six Important Toy Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

Playtime is more fun with toys! At all ages, there are important toy safety tips to follow. Here are our top tips to keep your child safe while they play! Size is very important. Make sure that toys are not too small or too large for your child. Toys should be at least 1.25 inches … Continued

Games for Your 29 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Shadow-Puppet Play: Use your hands to make shadow puppets for baby. Talk and sing as you move your fingers up and down while baby watches the talking shadow! Helps baby develop visual tracking skills. Baby’s First Teacher: You are your baby’s first teacher. Show them how to use toys in different ways, such as banging … Continued

How to Find The Right Healthcare Provider For Your Child

Choosing a healthcare provider for your child is important, and it can easily feel overwhelming. But have no fear! We’re here to walk you through the entire process, so you’ll get connected with the care your child needs and get answers to the questions you might have. Here are some tips on how to find … Continued

Games for Your 28 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Moo and Baa: Use animal sounds when playing or reading to baby. Point out a picture of an animal then make the sound that animals make: “A cow goes moo,” “A sheep goes baa”.Helps baby learn to listen to different types of sounds. Name Game: Point to the different parts of your face and name … Continued

What to Expect At A Well-Baby Visit

Going to the doctor with your new baby may feel scary—but we’re here to help! Here’s what to expect at an early well-baby visit, as well as a checklist of everything to bring along. What is an early well-baby visit? It’s early check-in with your baby’s pediatrician to make sure they are healthy and seeing … Continued

Games for Your 27 Week Old Baby | 7-9 Month Games

Sign Language: Use hand movements along with associated words to teach baby to communicate with gestures. Even if baby can’t speak yet, they can learn how to sign they want more or are all done! Helps baby develop early communication skills. Blow More Raspberries: Try blowing raspberries again. This time, baby may blow raspberries and … Continued

Choosing the Perfect Game for Family Game Night

What better way to bring the family together than a family game night? Grab the kids, make some snacks, and get ready to play! Games are great for promoting many areas of development. They help children of all ages learn and problem solve, and encourage siblings to play together. They also help children learn about … Continued

Independent Play can Boost Confidence, Creativity, and So Much More

Play holds great importance for your child’s development—even when their playtime is on their own! Playing alone, an activity we call independent play, can be an important time for your child to explore and learn more about themselves. Independent play can help with: Creativity: Solo play means they need to come up with all the … Continued

How to Make Slime

*Making slime is recommended for ages 4 and older* Who doesn’t love slime? Slime is a great way for kids to engage in sensory play, get creative, and learn to follow directions. Here is how to make homemade slime with your little one! The DIY slime materials you will need: 8 oz. liquid glue 1 … Continued

Make a Splash with These Fun Swimming Pool Games for Kids

There are so many fun pool games to play! What are the developmental benefits of some summer favorites? Learn more about the motor, sensory, play, executive function, and communication benefits of these classic games. Remember, safety first! Even if your little swimmer has spent hours in the pool, they always need to be monitored by … Continued

8 Fun Ways to Workout with Your Baby

It’s so important to get baby moving—and to keep mom and dad moving, too! Here are some great ways to “workout” together. Safety reminder: always make sure baby is safe while you do these exercises. Never use any items that could hurt them, like weights, near them. Instead, do light exercises that just depend on … Continued

Does My Baby Dream? Understanding REM Sleep in Babies

While you watch your little one sleep, you may be wondering—is my baby dreaming? While we may not know what they’re dreaming about, the answer is yes! In fact, your baby is dreaming a lot more in their first few months of life than they ever will at any other time. Learn more about your … Continued

How to Help Your Child Sleep Better

Sleep is important for your child as they reach school age and need to have the energy and attention to tackle each day. From ages 2-12, they should get an average of around 10 hours a night. But bedtime can present challenges for children—an issue that’s common among little ones! In fact, many children deal with … Continued

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Sleep is important at every age, especially in the first year of life. In fact, baby should be asleep for at least half, and up to almost three-quarters of their first year. So, if your baby isn’t getting good, quality shut-eye, there may be some ways to help them with their sleep. First, it’s good … Continued

Why is Sleep Important for Your Child’s Development?

Sleep is more than just sweet dreams—it is the foundation of healthy development throughout our lives, and especially for babies and children. So what does healthy sleep look like for your child? In terms of quantity, children need a lot of sleep. In fact, most will spend 40% of their childhood asleep! By 7-9 months, … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Encouraging Sleep

Sleep is important throughout our lives, but for babies and children it plays a vital role in their development. A full night’s sleep for your child can mean less stress, an easier time paying attention and learning, a stronger immune system, and a healthier weight. So how much sleep do they need? And what are … Continued

How Books Can Help Your Child

Whether your child is reading or not quite yet, books play an important role in their communication development and learning! Using books and telling stories helps with: Phonics: connecting written words to sounds and speaking Vocabulary: learning new words and ways to express themselves Fluency: being able to speak, read and understand a language accurately … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Baby’s Sleep

Sleep is so important for baby’s development. Watch this video to learn how much sleep your little one should be getting, and how to make sure they have the best sleep possible. Still want to learn more about baby’s sleep? Visit these posts! ABCs of Safe Sleep How to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night … Continued

Sensory-Friendly Summer Activities Your Child Will Love

Summer as a child should be a time of fun and freedom. But for those who experience sensory processing issues, the increased social activities and outdoor time can be challenging. That’s because certain environmental factors can be uncomfortable, irritating or confusing. These include loud sounds, social situations, and strong scents. If your child deals with … Continued

Parents’ Guide to the Importance of Reading

Reading is such an important part of their development—even if your child is too young to read on their own! Watch to learn the benefits of shared story time on their communication development. There’s so much more to learn about reading! Visit these posts to find out how reading can help your child. How Books … Continued

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Parents’ Guide to Preparing for Well-Baby Visits

If you’re a new or expecting parent, you’ll become very familiar with baby’s routine well-baby visits. These are check-ins with their healthcare provider to make sure their development is on track, and to answer any questions you may have. So how can you prepare for these visits? Watch to learn our best practices! Check out … Continued

Parents’ Guide to Routines for Kids

Why are routines so important? They do more than organize your day—they actually help your child develop their executive function skills. Executive function skills are important life sills to help with daily behaviors, such as solving problems, making decisions, and following directions. Watch to learn more about the benefits of routines, and the best practices … Continued