Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a day of luck, leprechauns, and everything green. So why not celebrate through the senses?

Did you know there are seven senses? Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibular (balance and movement), proprioception (body awareness)

Learn more about them in the Parent’s Guide.

Here are sensory experiences for each of the seven senses to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!


  • Look for everything green

Or, look for something for every color of the rainbow.

  • Search for four-leaf clovers

Go to a local park and try to find a lucky one!


  • Listen to Irish music/bagpipes

Stream some music or, if you’re able to find some instruments, try playing a tune yourself!


  • Take in the scents of a hearty Irish meal

Mashed potatoes, shepherd’s pie, stew, or potato pancakes will do!

  • Smell some clover

You can purchase fresh clover at a grocery or gardening store, or buy a scented candle or fragrance.


  • Try something minty

Indulge in some mint-chocolate ice cream, a minty milkshake or anything with fresh mint.

  • Eat (or drink!) your greens

Try spinach puree, green juices and smoothies, green ginger ale or pistachio desserts!


  • Sort items in rainbow order

These can be practical items (clothes, toys) or treats like colored candies or cereal.

  • Build a leprechaun trap

Decorate the inside of small box with a variety of textures; cotton balls for clouds, ribbons for rainbows, etc. Set up a trail to try and “catch” a leprechaun!



Vestibular is the balance and movement sense.

  • Try doing an Irish jig

You can even play freeze jig (do an Irish jig and pause when the music stops).

  • Go on a pot ’o’ gold hunt

This one may take a little planning, but put hints around the house to help your child find a pot of gold (or any special treat!).


Proprioception is the body sense.

  • Do a gold coin toss into a kettle

Or any type of bucket!

  • Plant some shamrocks—or really, anything green!

Scooping dirt and planting will help them move their body.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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