Let’s go for a stroll!

A stroller can help baby get out and about in the world before they can walk, or when they can only walk a short distance. Strollers can also provide a place for baby to take a break or get some shade on a sunny day. There are so many uses for strollers! Because they are such a big part of baby’s mobility, it’s important they are safe for children and the person pushing the stroller. Look for these safety features to make sure baby’s stroller is safe for them!

Look for a stroller for your child’s age, height and weight.

This information can be found on the stroller or in the item description if you’re shopping online. This will help you find a stroller that will meet your child’s needs for their age. For example, in a stroller for newborns, they should be able to lie almost flat because they don’t have the core, head or trunk strength to hold themselves up.

Check the brakes.

Are they easy to operate? Do they work? Do they lock 2 wheels, or just 1? It’s better if they lock the two back wheels. Always put on the brakes when stroller is not moving, even if they aren’t needed in the moment; wind or a slight bump can cause an unlocked stroller to move.

Look for a wide base.

A stroller with a wide base won’t tip over. You can test this by putting some weight on the handles and making sure the stroller doesn’t tip easily. Remember to never hang bags on the handles to avoid tipping!

Look for pinch points.

Pinch points are parts of the chair where a child’s fingers can get pinched. While a foldable stroller may have some pinch points when the stroller is being folded, there should not be any pinch points when the stroller is in use. When folding and unfolding the stroller, do this away from your child to avoid pinching fingers (theirs and your own!).

Make sure baby can’t reach the wheels.

This is another safety measure to protect their little fingers!

Buckle up!

All strollers should have a seatbelt. It’s recommended the seat belt is a five-point harness, with shoulder straps, a strap between the legs and straps around the waist. Make sure straps are secured low, so they don’t rise up to baby’s neck. Also, make sure baby is strapped in tightly! Loose straps can get tangled or may not secure baby.

Other Things to Think About

  • Consider sun protection. Some strollers will have a UV protective canopy which shades baby from the sun’s powerful rays. This keeps them cool and prevents sunburn.
  • If hanging toys from the stroller, make sure they are securely attached to the stroller.
  • Be aware of how you use other blankets in the stroller. Use tightly rolled up baby blankets on either side to prevent slouching. Don’t use a blanket or pillow as a mattress in the stroller.
  • If you have a side-by-side twin stroller, look for one footrest that extends all the way across. A child’s foot may slip through separate footrests.

Always remember these tips, no matter what type of stroller you’re using!

  • Never leave baby unattended in a stroller.
  • Always use a seatbelt/safety harness.
  • Always use the brakes when the stroller isn’t moving.
  • Store bags in the storage area under the stroller, instead of on and handles.
  • Register your stroller with the manufacturer so they can send any safety alerts to you!

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