It’s the time of year your child has been anticipating for months – summer vacation! Why not have fun outdoors with friends and family?

Here are some summer vacation safety tips that will help keep your child healthy and active.

Beach and Pool Safety

cute child swimming in pool with swim ringAt either a beach or swimming pool, there should always be a lifeguard on duty to watch your child swimming. Many pools also offer life vests and inflatable devices to help young children in the water. To give your little one more confidence, swimming lessons are a great option because they will use this skill for the rest of their life. Learn more about the benefits of water play for your child. Make sure to always practice “touch supervision” if your child is under five years old. This means that they are within an arm’s reach while in the water. In addition, children should never run on the pool deck or dive into water that is not deep enough.

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Prevent Dehydration and Heat Related Illness

Summer can be hot and you want to make sure your child drinks plenty of water. Eating water-rich fruits such as grapes or watermelon can also help kids replace fluids and gain nutrients. While outside, limit their outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day or find a shaded spot.

Use Sun Protection

little_girl_in_sun_hatThis means your child should wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns and it should be reapplied often. However, you can also have your little one wear swim shirts and bathing suit covers, hat and sunglasses to help protect them from the sun’s rays. Light, breathable clothes will absorb less heat to help keep them cool.

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Safe Riding

It’s important for your child to wear a helmet while biking. Choose a bike helmet with a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety seal on it, because they set the safety standards. You can also keep your child safe by making sure their bike is the right size. There are recommended sizes for children’s bikes based on your child’s age and height. It might be easiest to have your child go with you when choosing a bike.

Bee Stings and Bug Bites

Try to avoid having contact with bugs that bite or sting. Bees and mosquitoes can be attracted to sweet-smelling things such as lotions and sugary drinks. When bees are buzzing, tell your child to remain calm and avoid swatting, so the bee does not feel threatened. The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to play away from pools of standing water and stay indoors during dawn and dusk.