Belong Resources

The Stages of Belonging

  • One of the most important steps to becoming a renewed, vibrant community of faith is to create a sense of belonging for each member. Learn the stages of belonging so you can ensure belonging extends to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Reflecting on Belonging

  • Belonging entails more than being present. It involves the efforts of everyone in the community to invite, welcome, accept, know and befriend individuals of all List the action steps your faith community can take to ensure every individual experiences true belonging.

The Ministry of Jesus as a Model for TEAM Belong

  • Explore the Gospel accounts that illustrate how Jesus made proximity to, respect for and solidarity with people with disabilities a priority in His ministry.

Ministry Audit

  • Help Ministry Leaders make belonging for all abilities a priority with this audit.

The 4D Approach

  • Change attitudes and raise comfort levels so we minister alongside people with differences as co-laborers.

Affirmation Ideas


  • Some good ideas used by congregations to welcome worshipers of all abilities and their families in the area of affirmation.

10 Tips for Affirmation

  • 10 ways to welcome worshipers of all abilities in the area of affirmation

How You Can Make A Difference

  • Educate your congregation about interacting with people of all abilities with this bulletin insert.

Survey of Needs

  • Find out what accommodations are needed.

Mental Health Ministry

  • Tips to minister to individuals with mental health concerns.

Know Your Disability Etiquette

  • Know your disability etiquette so you can confidently offer hospitality to individuals with differences.

Communication Resources

Communication Ideas

  • Some good ideas used by congregations to welcome worshipers of all abilities and their families in the area of communication

10 Tips for Communication

  • 10 ways to welcome worshipers of all abilities in the area of communication.

Additional Communication Resources

  • Resources for large print missalettes, assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters and access symbols.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Ideas

  • Ideas to make the physical structure of your house of faith more accessible

10 Tips to Increase Accessibility

  • 10 ways to welcome worshipers of all abilities in the area of accessibility

For Religious Educators

Different Gifts, Same Spirit Lesson Plans

Use the Different Gifts, Same Spirit lesson plan series to teach elementary, junior high, and high school students how to welcome students and worshippers of all abilities

Available in booklet format from Loyola Press or download a free version:

Bulletin Items

Celebrating TEAM Belong Month is one way to focus on welcoming worshippers of all abilities. Please consider observing TEAM Belong Month in August or choose another month that is more convenient for your congregation.

Celebrating the unique gifts of all members helps create a stronger and more welcoming faith community.

The following series of items can be used in bulletins, on websites, or in newsletters to help spread awareness about how each of us can welcome worshippers of all abilities.

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Resources for TEAM Belong Month

Prayer Cards



  • Congregations are granted permission to use the original song “Open Doors” in perpetuity.



Resources for a TEAM Belong Ministry