TEAM Belong Videos

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors Video

Watch to learn practical ways your congregation can open hearts, minds and doors to worshippers of all abilities.

Introduction – Explaining the importance of inclusion in worship

Inclusion in Worship – Strengthening your community through inclusion

Affirmation – Creating a sense of belonging for all

Communication – Encouraging sensitivity and respect for all

Accessibility – Highlighting structures to promote inclusion

The Vulnerable Journey Video

Theologian Father Henri Nouwen’s keynote address at the 1996 Inclusion In Worship conference teaches about the gifts received when we include the most vulnerable in our worshiping communities.

The Vision of God

The Way of Jesus

The Work of the Spirit

Celebrating in a Jewish Synagogue Video

Watch to experience the power and joy of inclusion in a Jewish synagogue.

The Importance of Access and Inclusion – making inclusion a standard practice

Open, Caring Hearts – creating an accepting environment

The Power and Joy of Inclusion – welcoming a family brings joy to a congregation