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Impact and History of TEAM W About Through its interfaith TEAM W program, Pathways.org provides information, educational materials, and cash grants to promote access and belonging in houses of faith so that every ability may worship. The goal is to help worshipping communities welcome individuals of all abilities into full and active participation. The program … Continued

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Affirmation Resources Affirmation Some good ideas used by congregations to welcome worshipers of all abilities and their families in the area of affirmation 10 Tips for Affirmation 10 easy ways to welcome worshipers of all abilities in the area of affirmation How You Can Make A Difference Educate your congregation about disability etiquette with this bulletin … Continued


What is TEAM W? That Every Ability May Worship TEAM W provides interfaith educational materials, events, and cash grants to assist congregations to welcome members of all abilities. A TEAM W faith community is one where worshippers of all abilities are offered the same respect and opportunity to participate. Differences are both accommodated and celebrated so … Continued

Getting Started

Starting in Your Worshipping Community Take the first steps on your journey to intentionally welcome worshippers of all abilities. Do you display a welcoming attitude? Worshippers recognize that they are welcome when the congregation demonstrates positive attitudes in the following ways: Emphasize talents, strengths and gifts rather than labeling people by their differences “Walk the … Continued