If baby was born premature, it can be more challenging to track their development.

You may have questions about which milestones baby should be reaching, or how you can encourage them to work towards other milestones. But with the help of the FREE Baby Development App, tracking milestones and abilities is easier than ever—even if baby was born early!

It’s always important to track baby’s milestones. This helps to follow baby’s development and catch any delays early.

Baby is premature if they are born before 37 weeks. Learn more about prematurity and what if means if baby is premature. When baby is premature, you should adjust their milestones for the first two years. To adjust baby’s milestones, subtract the weeks early from the weeks old that they currently are. Use this “corrected” age to track their milestones. Premature infants may require extra monitoring and early intervention to address any potential developmental delays that may arise.

Premature baby development tracking for corrected age

The FREE Baby Development app makes tracking milestones easy if baby is premature! The app automatically adjusts baby’s milestones, so you know you’re getting accurate milestones, abilities, and activities to help baby’s development. Here’s how to get baby’s milestones adjusted on our app.

  1. If you haven’t yet, download the app here. If you have downloaded the app, go to Step 4.

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  1. Select Sign Up and follow the steps.
  2. When entering child information, select Adjust for Prematurity.
  3. If you have already downloaded the app, then click on baby’s image in the top left corner. Click again on the child’s image again and you will be directed to a page that says Child Information. Scroll down and select Adjust for Prematurity.
  4. This will automatically adjust baby’s milestones until they reach the age of 2.

Use the app to find activities, track Tummy Time, and find endless resources to help baby!