The 0 to 3 Month Baby Communication Milestones to Look For

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See the 6 different communication milestones baby should be reaching by 3 months. Each milestone has a clip so you can see and hear the different communication milestones for baby. To see more milestones, videos, and tips for your 0-3 month old visit our baby page.

As always, all of our content is validated with American Academy of Pediatrics findings and reviewed by pediatric therapists.

By 3 months, baby should be reaching the following communication milestones:
• Turn head towards sound or voice
• Quiet or smile in response to sound or voice
• Show interest in faces
• Make eye contact
• Cry differently for different needs (e.g. hungry vs tired)
• Coo and smile milestones video series helps parents and caregivers track their baby’s development and detect possible delays. The first 3 months of a baby’s life are a critical time for growth and development. Infants begin to learn how to move their bodies and interact with others. Visit our milestones page for a list of early developmental motor, sensory, communication, and feeding milestones your child should be reaching or for more information and tips about speech and language development, visit our communication page.

Use resources to track baby’s milestones and help identify potential early communication delays. If you notice your baby is not meeting their 0-3 months communication milestones, talk to their health care provider.

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