Parents and caregivers should watch this video to see five sensory milestones baby should reach by the time they are 3 months old. The video contains 5 clips to show exactly what each one of the sensory milestones for 0-3 months old should look like.

During the first three months of life, a baby grows at a rapid rate learning new skills beginning to interact with their environment in new ways. These new sensory experiences are important for baby’s development. To see all of baby’s 0-3 months motor, communication, and sensory milestones, click here.

By the time baby is 3 months old baby should:

  • While lying on back, attempts to reach for a toy held above their chest
  • While lying on back, visually tracks a moving toy from side to side
  • While lying on back, keeps head centered to watch faces or toys
  • Able to calm with rocking, touching, and gentle sounds
  • Enjoys a variety of movements e.g. bouncing on knee

Many of baby’s first sensory milestones involve baby’s vision and his ability to visually follow objects with his eyes. Additionally baby’s senses are getting a lot of input from their surroundings. Many noises, movements, and feelings are new to baby and he is learning how to react to these new experiences. It is common to think about the 5 senses we are most familiar with, but we actually have 7 senses. Learn more about how all 7 senses impact development.

If you notice baby is not reaching any of these milestones talk to your pediatrician or healthcare provider.