• Blow Raspberries: Before dressing baby, press your lips on their tummy and blow air on their skin to make a noise. The sound and funny feeling will make them smile and giggle. This encourages baby to make their own noises and lip movements, which is good practice for babbling and copying sounds. Helps baby build communication skills.
  • Put on a Show!: Do something silly in front of baby! Dance the YMCA or act out the movements and sounds of your favorite animal. Baby should be laughing out loud. Helps baby learn to focus their attention and follow moving objects.
  • Supported Stand: Hold on to baby’s trunk in a standing position on your lap. Lift them slightly up and down to help them try to put weight on their feet. Helps baby learn what it feels like to stand.

It’s never too early to start playing games, especially when they help your baby meet their milestones. These activities are designed to help your baby as they move towards their six month milestones. These games are not limited to this specific week. You can keep playing these games over the next several weeks as long as you and baby continue to have fun.