See the communication milestones baby should be reaching by 2 years old. There is a clip of each milestone so you can see the different communication milestones for baby.

By 21 Months:

  • Uses at least 50 words
  • Consistently imitates new words
  • Names objects and pictures
  • Understands simple pronouns (me, you, my)
  • Identifies 3-5 body parts when named
  • Understands new words quickly

By 24 months:

  • Begins to use 2 word phrases
  • Uses simple pronouns (me, you, my)
  • Understands action words
  • Uses gestures and words during pretend play
  • Follows 2-step related directions e.g.
  • “Pick up your coat and bring it to me”
  • Enjoys listening to stories