At four months, a typically developing baby showcases significant motor skills. Parents keen on understanding and monitoring their baby’s progress can refer to a video highlighting a side-by-side comparison of typical and atypical motor skills development in a 4-month-old. This informative resource illustrates key differences to look for, aiding parents in recognizing potential areas of concern.

The video not only provides insights into the expected motor skills of a 4-month-old but also introduces eight positions healthcare providers use to assess development. By observing these positions, parents can gain a clearer understanding of their baby’s physical capabilities and identify any potential need for intervention.

For those seeking further guidance, the video recommends watching additional clips showcasing side-by-side development at 2 and 6 months. This comparative approach allows parents to track their baby’s progression over time, ensuring they stay informed about the expected milestones at each stage.

Watch Side by Side Development at 2 and 6 Months

See the 4 Month Handout


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