See the 9 different motor milestones baby should be reaching by 9 months old. There is a clip that goes along with each milestone so you can see the different motor milestones for baby. As always, our content is validated with American Academy of Pediatrics findings and reviewed by pediatric therapists.

My 9 months, baby should be consistently demonstrating the following motor milestones:

  • Sits without support
  • Sits and reaches for toys without falling
  • Moves from tummy or back into sitting
  • Starts to move with alternate leg and arm movement, e.g. creeping, crawling
  • Picks up head and pushes through elbows during Tummy Time
  • Turns head to visually track objects while sitting
  • Shows more control while rolling and sitting
  • Picks up small objects with thumbs and fingers
  • In simple play imitates others

If you notice your baby is not meeting their 7-9 month motor milestones, contact their health care provider.