See the 8 different communication milestones baby should be reaching by 9 months old. Each milestone has a clip so you can see and hear the different communication milestones for baby.

Here are the communication milestones your baby should be reaching by 9 months old:

  • Uses increased variety of sounds and syllable combinations in babbling
  • Looks at familiar objects and people when named
  • Recognizes sound of their name
  • Participates in two-way communication
  • Follows some routine commands when paired with gestures
  • Shows recognition of commonly used words
  • Simple gestures, e.g. shaking head for “no”
  • Imitates sounds

As always, all of our milestones are validated with American Academy of Pediatrics findings and reviewed by pediatric therapists.

Use our resources to track baby’s milestones and help identify potential early communication delays. If you notice your baby is not meeting their 7-9 month communication milestones, contact their health care provider.