Are you tracking baby’s milestones and abilities? If so, you’re probably wondering how they’re different and why they’re both an important part of baby’s development. Watch this video to find the answers!

Tracking both milestones and abilities is important to understand baby’s development. So how are they different?

MILESTONES are behavioral or physical checkpoints in children’s development as they grow. All of our developmental milestones are validated by American Academy of Pediatric findings. These are the core skills all children should be reaching. If your child is not reaching one or more milestones, be sure to talk with your healthcare provider.

ABILITIES are important skills that look at your child’s overall behavior and development patterns to gauge their progress. Missing one or two abilities should not cause alarm, as every child develops differently. However, if they aren’t frequently and consistently demonstrating more than a few abilities in each category, then talk with your healthcare provider.