Try these 5 Tummy Time moves with baby to help make it easier for you and baby.

Tummy Time helps babies develop the muscles in their back, neck and trunk, on their way to meeting all their infant development milestones. Tummy Time can be difficult at first and many parents say their baby does not like it. Their muscles are not developed yet so it will take time to get used to be on their tummy. This video highlights the top five moves you can begin as soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital. These 5 Tummy Time moves will help you build up to an hour of Tummy Time each day.

Every bit of Tummy Time makes a difference. The goal should be to do Tummy Time throughout the day in spurts, adding up to an hour a day of Tummy Time. Eventually, your child might end up preferring to play and explore on their tummy. Watch how to do these 5 moves and try with your child to increase the amount of Tummy Time they do each day.

1. Tummy To Tummy or Tummy To Chest
2. Tummy Down Carry or Football Hold
3. Lap Soothe
4. Eye Level Smile
5. Tummy Minute

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