Healthy eating is important and getting babies to eat nutritious foods can sometimes be challenging! If your little one is pushing away the bananas and broccoli, try these tips to help them build healthy eating habits. Read the full article here!

Help baby make smarter eating decisions in the future! Here are some ways to build healthy eating habits for baby:
1. Introduce baby to nutritious foods as early as possible, around 6 months. Check with your healthcare provider before starting your baby on solids.
2. Aim for balanced meals, which have fruits and/or vegetables, whole grains, and proteins
3. Try incorporating nutritious foods a little at a time
4. Eat together as a family
5. Choose drinks that are low in sugar
6. Allow baby to decide when they are full
7. Set a meal routine
8. Take baby to the grocery store or farmer’s market to teach them about nutrition
Help baby grow up to become a healthy eater!