What’s a toy you can reuse over and over again? Blocks, of course!

Your little one can play with blocks at any age. Find out how kids play with blocks differently at each age in their first year, and how you can help!

When do babies start playing with blocks? At any age!

Here are some of the ways baby plays with blocks differently as they get older.

0-3 Months: Baby tracks brightly colored or patterned blocks. Baby may try to swipe at the blocks by 3 months.

4-6 Months: Baby may swipe and knock down stacked blocks. Baby may reach out for a block during Tummy Time.

7-9 Months: Baby may attempt to stack a block, but it’s rare to be successful. Baby will love tapping and knocking blocks down. Putting blocks into containers is also a fun game for baby.

10-12 Months: This is the age when baby can start stacking blocks. Baby may be able to stack 2 blocks on purpose. Baby can grasp and manipulate blocks of different sizes.

You can help baby make the most of playing with blocks.

Try out some of these block play activities!

  • Talk and be descriptive when playing
  • Show baby how to use blocks in different ways (stacking, tapping, grasping)
  • Provide blocks of different colors, sizes, and textures
  • Use an engaging response to make it fun (gasping, laughing)