How do baby’s motor skills develop over their first year? Here are a few of baby’s motor milestones from 0-12 months, validated by American Academy of Pediatrics Findings.

0-3 Months

  • Baby moves legs and arms off of surface when excited7-9 Months: Baby moves from tummy or back into sitting

4-6 Months

  • While standing with support, baby accepts entire weight with legs
  • They will reach for nearby toys while on tummy
  • While lying on back, baby reaches both hands to play with feet and transfers toys from one hand to the other

7-9 Months

  • They will pick up their head and push through their elbows during Tummy Time
  • Baby turns their head to visually track objects while sitting and shows more control while rolling and sitting
  • They will pick up small objects with thumbs and fingers 7-9 Months: In simple play, baby imitates others

10-12 Months

  • Baby pulls to stand and cruises along furniture
  • They will move in and out of various positions to explore environment and get desired toys
  • Baby will clap their hands and release objects into a container with a large opening

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