Crawling is so important for baby’s development! Not only is it an important step in their motor development, but crawling also helps sensory development, executive function skills, play, and feeding.

Is your baby close to crawling? Before they can get moving on their hands and knees, they’ll need to build strength in their core, arms, and legs. Crawling can start at around 7-9 months, but may not be seen until 10-12 months. This video covers some of the common signs baby is ready to start crawling, and ways to encourage them!

Some signs baby is ready to start crawling include:

  • Pushing up to straight arms and legs
  • Using arms to pull forward with their tummy on the floor
  • Getting into crawling position, then transitions to a sitting position
  • Scooting into crawling position with one leg bent, but still learning how to move their other leg
  • Rolling to get a toy across the room
  • Rocking back and forth on hands and knees