How can you communicate with your little one before they can talk?

Through baby sign language!

Baby sign language has become a common way to communicate and reduce frustration. By using simple signs and practicing signing often, you will be able to open up the lines of communication before they even say their first word. You can use some of the common baby signs shown in the video like “more”, “sit”, and “all done” or you can create your own to use with your children.

The more you sign, the more likely your kids will sign back to you!

Is baby sign language the same as American Sign Language (ASL)?

Not necessarily… American Sign Language is a complete language with its own complex system of grammar and word order rules, where as the term “baby sign language” refers to using signs and gestures to communicate with baby. Some parents choose to use signs from ASL, however you can choose to create your own gestures/signs to communicate with baby. Pick signs that best suit you and your baby’s needs.

Watch this video to learn more than 10 simple signs that you can teach your baby. Read more about baby sign language in our blog post, How Can I Practice Baby Sign Language?

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Read along with the video below!

Baby signing “Hello”

Ever wish you knew what baby was saying?

Baby signing “More”

Baby sign language express wants and emotions.

Baby signing “Sit”

Teach baby your own signs/gestures so they understand you too!

Baby signing “Give”

Here are just a few examples (Watch video to see signs for more, milk, eat, all done, please, help, thank you).

Baby signing “Up”

Use simple signs, focus on 3 at a time.

Baby signing “Goodbye”

Practice signing often, the more you sign the more likely baby will sign back.

Baby signing “Cookie, please”

Be sure to always use the same motion for each sign.

Baby signing “Thank you”

Soon they’ll be able to tell you what they want!