The communication skills that babies learn during their first year sets them up for success later in life! Start communicating with your baby from birth to help them reach important communication milestones. Watch this video to learn how!

Visit our Communication page to learn more, and check out our communication checklist to keep up with baby’s milestones.

Watch to learn practical advice for parents and caregivers on how to help their baby reach important speech and language milestones during the first year, from crying to cooing, babbling, and talking.

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Communication is key in baby’s first year. It helps develop social skills, reading, and writing.

Baby is communicating even before they say their first words. Parents can begin communicating with baby from birth. Baby does this through cries, coos, body language, and facial expressions.

Tips for encouraging speech and language development:

• Play with sounds
• Read with your baby
• Describe your actions
• Use a high-pitches, sing-song voice
• Encourage 2-way communication
• Use facial expressions and gestures