How do you play with a newborn baby? Talking! Not only are you helping to develop their communication skills by talking, but you are also developing their social and play skills. Watch to learn more about how to play and communicate with your infant!

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Play looks different at 1 month old.

Because communication is the first form of play. Simply talking qualifies as play.

Stephanie McCabe, Speech-Language Pathologist, says:

“They not going to talk, but they are listening. And you say ‘aw, are you hungry?’, and then you pause. They’re not going to answer you, but learning that communication is a two-way street it’s something that you can embed in a daily activity.

To keep them engaged, you could use a toy or a rattle, or something that they like. In the first month, they start to gravitate towards different toys that they like. You can use that to help. One thing that will tend to help them stay engaged is a face.”

Be sure to avoid distractions (like screens).