Parents’ Guide to Starting Solid Foods

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Wondering if your baby is ready to start on solid foods? Here are a few key factors that indicate your baby is ready for solids include: They’re able to hold their head up while sitting, shows interest in what others are eating, opens their mouth when food approaches and are able to move food from a spoon or fork into their throat.

The AAP recommends starting babies on solid food when they are roughly 6 months old. Start with thinly pureed fruits and veggies. Wait a few days before introducing them to new foods, this way if your baby has an allergic reaction you will know why.

A few ways to make starting solids easier include:

• Wait until baby is calm
• Give baby a small amount of break milk or formula before offering their first solid
• Don’t force any kind of food
• In the beginning don’t be surprised if baby gags, it’s part of the learning process