Burping baby is an important part of their early digestion and feeding development. Many parents have burping questions—how long should baby be burped for? What does typical burping look like? And are their different ways to burp baby?

Watch for answers to all these questions!

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Burping is a common part of baby’s routine. They need your help to get rid of trapped gas in their stomach. Their muscles aren’t developed enough to force air out themselves. Babies typically need to be burped until 7-9 months old.

It’s typical for baby to spit up, especially after a feeding. Each burping session will last a few minutes.

There are actually a few ways to burp baby!

Chest Position: Hold baby against your chest with their chin on your shoulder. Support baby with one hand and pat their back with the other.

Lap Position: Lay baby on your lap with their head higher than their chest. Gently pat baby’s back or rub in a circular motion.

Sitting Up: Hold baby sitting up in your lap, supporting their head and chest. Use your other hand to gently pat baby’s back. For younger babies, support their head by placing your hand under their chin.