Sleep is important throughout our lives, but for babies and children it plays a vital role in their development. A full night’s sleep for your child can mean less stress, an easier time paying attention and learning, a stronger immune system, and a healthier weight.

So how much sleep do they need? And what are the idea sleeping conditions? Watch to learn more.

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Sleep is the foundation for healthy development. Most children spend 40% of their childhood asleep!

  • 0-3 Months: Typically about 17 hours of sleep recommended
  • 4-11 Months: 12-16 hours of sleep recommended
  • 1-2 Years: 11-14 hours of sleep recommended
  • 3-5 Years: 10-13 hours of sleep recommended
  • 6-12 Years: 9-12 hours of sleep recommended

Try keeping the room cool, dark, and quiet to help them sleep. Sleep helps reduce stress, make learning easier, support healthy growth, strengthen immune system, and prevent attention and mood problems. Talk to their healthcare provider if your child is having trouble sleeping.