Is there anything better than spending a beautiful day outside? When you and your child play outside, they get more than just fresh air; they get to explore a brand new environment, hear new sounds, see new sights, and interact with new people!

Watch to learn more about the benefits of playing outside. Looking for activity ideas while you explore the great outdoors? Check out these articles for some creative inspiration:

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The sun is shining and it’s time to play outside! Playing outside has so many benefits. It helps with motor, sensory, and communication development.

Motor: Your child gets to move around a new environment. They may have to step over a curb or walk up a ramp.

Sensory: Your child gets sensory input from the environment. Feeling the grass or hearing birds gives baby sensory input.

Communication: As you’re walking, talk about what you’re seeing. Talking helps baby expand their vocabulary.

Even if baby is too young to walk, it’s still great to play outside! Here are some activities you can do outside to help many develop!

1. Ask your child how fast they can run

2. Play with sprinklers

3. Finger paint and talk about what they’re painting

There are many more activities you can do outside, so go get some fresh air!