If you’re a new or expecting parent, you’ll become very familiar with baby’s routine well-baby visits. These are check-ins with their healthcare provider to make sure their development is on track, and to answer any questions you may have.

So how can you prepare for these visits? Watch to learn our best practices!

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What should you expect at an early well-baby visit? Some common topics discussed at well-baby visits include baby’s feeding habits, diaper changes, baby’s sleeping patterns, and the caregiver’s well-being. Measurements will be taken of baby’s weight, height, and head circumference.

Here are some tips to make the most of baby’s appointment:

  1. Keep a diary of your concerns. This will help make the most of your time with baby’s healthcare provider.
  2. Use the Pathways.org checklists to track baby’s development. You can even print these out and bring them to the appointment with you.
  3. Mention you have questions at the beginning of the appointment. That way the healthcare provider leaves time to answer questions.

Get the most from your time with baby’s healthcare provider by being prepared!