When does baby first start standing without support? It’s different for every baby depending on their motor skills, but baby will usually start standing independently between 9 and 12 months old—but just for a second or two! As baby learns more about walking, their standing skills will improve too.

Can you help them learn to stand on their own? Yes! Watch to learn how you can help baby’s standing skills.



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Baby typically starts standing with support around 7-12 months. They may pull up to stand, using furniture to keep upright. When will baby stand without support?

Standing independently usually begins at 9-12 months. Baby will only stand for a few seconds at first while they gain strength. They may not stand unassisted for more than a few seconds until 13-15 months.

Baby needs strong legs, hips, and core muscles, which help with sitting and crawling. How can you encourage baby to stand without support?

  • Put baby on your lap, tummy, or floor with their feet flat and bounce them up and down.
  • Play with other babies their age or slightly older who are standing.
  • Focus on developing baby’s vestibular sense (movement and balance). If baby falls while learning to stand, that’s normal!
  • Walk on soft surfaces, be within reach, and keep baby away from hard objects.

Remember when baby starts standing, baby proof!